Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Business Council of New Orleans is comprised of 22 members and acts as the Policy-making body of the Business Council.  This committee serves at the BCNO per the bylaws and at the pleasure of the organization’s membership, it is here that the organization’s position on specific issues is ultimately determined.


  • David Kerstein (Chairman)
  • Paul H. Flower (Past-Chairman)
  • Vanessa B. Claiborne (Vice-Chairman)
  • David Darragh (Vice-Chairman)
  • Charles L. Rice, Jr. (Vice-Chairman)
  • Henry Coaxum (Secretary)
  • Lee Anne Sciambra (Treasurer)
  • James (Jim) B. Cook
  • Karen DeBlieux
  • L. Ronald Forman
  • David Gallo
  • Lee Jackson
  • Dennis Lauscha
  • Merritt Lane
  • Alden J. McDonald, Jr.
  • Mark Mayer (ex-officio)
  • Suzanne T. Mestayer
  • James (Jay) M. Lapeyre, Jr.
  • Gregory R. Rusovich
  • Michael J. Siegel
  • Gary N. Solomon
  • Bruce H. Thompson