about BCNO


We envision a New Orleans with an effective and transparent government that leverages strong public policy to maximize both the economic potential and quality of life for all of its citizens. 


Speaking with one principled voice, the Business Council of New Orleans engages diverse stakeholders to shape public policies and implement clear, predictable laws that foster honest and accountable government.


  • We are strategic in our policy recommendations, valuing thoughtfulness, empiricism, and pragmatic solutions.

  • We are focused, leveraging our collective expertise and interests to pinpoint specific issues on which we engage.

  • We collaborate with disparate stakeholders to address New Orleans’ most pertinent and thorny issues.

  • Excellence is what drives the BCNO, its membership, the work it produces and the organization’s view for the city of New Orleans and River Parish region.

  • Our love for the New Orleans community and its diversity is what undergirds our organization’s existence.

  • We are results-oriented and work with the utmost integrity in all that we do.


Our Story

Established in 1985, the Business Council of New Orleans and the River Region (“BCNO” or “Business Council”) is nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy research and advocacy organization dedicated to improving economic conditions, living standards, and the quality of life for all Greater New Orleans region. Since its founding, the Business Council has a rich history of achievement having played a critical role in the:

Comprised of business leaders across a wide range of industries, the Business Council collaborates extensively and engages with governmental entities, civic and business organizations to tackle issues vital to the Greater New Orleans region’s overall well-being and success. By serving as a convener, collaborator, and catalyst bringing to bear the knowledge, experience, access the full breadth of resources of its members. The Business Council plays an active and central role in the advancement of the state of Louisiana and the Greater New Orleans region on the path towards progress.