GAMBIT: Holding candidates accountable: Forward New Orleans' 2018 platform


Candidates who qualified to run for public office in the Oct. 14 citywide primary now have slightly less than three months to get their messages out to voters. The competition will be fierce, particularly in the contests for mayor and City Council.

Voters’ challenge will be no less difficult. They must sort through dozens of candidates for various municipal and parochial offices, not to mention candidates seeking to become Louisiana’s next state treasurer.

If voters are looking for a reliable metric to assess candidates for mayor and City Council, a coalition of more than two dozen civic, community and neighborhood organizations has the answer: Forward New Orleans’ (FNO) 2018 issue-based platform statement. The platform is a collection of 35 specific policies spread across six major areas of focus; during the campaign, candidates will be asked to commit to implementing the policies. 

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Our Views: Scorecard could be La. model

Our Views: Scorecard could be La. model

New Orleanians can be famously contentious on so many topics, from the best king cake to the kinds of monuments that should adorn their public squares.

Which makes it all the more remarkable that Forward New Orleans has united everybody from the Business Council and Associated General Contractors to the Urban League to neighborhood associations around a single civic platform.