The Business Case for the Justice Reinvestment Package

"Louisiana tends to incarcerate more people for nonviolent reasons; we also tend to incarcerate people for a longer time. The Justice Reinvestment task force was appointed by the legislature and spent nine months working with a broad coalition of law enforcement and legislators. States that are not soft on crime have led this. No one would accuse Texas of being soft on crime, no one thinks Oklahoma is soft on crime. This [Justice Reinvestment Package] is a Conservative-led reform if you look at the people involved who started it was all business and business organizations and those people are committed to it. The important thing is to stay the course and do what's right for Louisiana - not to worry about the political opposition because ultimately when this works, we'll all get the credit for having done great work." - Jay Lapeyre, CEO, Laitram, LLC and Business Council Member 

Photo by The Advocate Baton Rouge