Coastal Restoration & Flood Protection

Protecting Louisiana’s coast is not merely an environmental issue; given its tremendous regional and national impact on jobs, trade, and community, the health of our coast is also an economic issue.  As an organization comprised of business leaders, the Business Council is in a unique position to emphasize why the survival and growth of Louisiana’s coast are important to the future of our state and nation.   The Business Council understands that coastal restoration is urgently needed to protect our businesses, economic base, and communities.  

Business leaders in the region see coastal restoration as central to its economic survival. Proceeding expeditiously on ecosystem restoration projects will help protect the many business sectors--including shipping, oil and gas, fisheries and wildlife tourism--that depend on a healthy Gulf ecosystem. Coastal restoration projects will also provide a tremendous economic boost to the region through new jobs and growth of the wide range of companies involved in planning and doing the restoration work.

The Business Council partners with organizations throughout southeastern Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region to develop and promote robust policies and strategies in support of existing and future coastal protection and restoration.   While the Business Council played an instrumental role in the consolidation of New Orleans-area levee boards into two boards with the focused mission to coordinate flood protection efforts for the area, our work is not complete.   Chief among its current work in this area, the Business Council monitors the work of the United States Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District and speaks with a unified voice at all levels of government – federal, state, and local – on issues that ensure southeastern Louisiana receives the best, most reliable, and appropriately funded flood and storm protection.