Forward New Orleans

Forward New Orleans (FNO) is a coalition of 26 civic, neighborhood and business organizations united in their expectation of excellence in city government.  The Business Council is a founding member of FNO, and our coalition partners include the Urban League of Louisiana, Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans, New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, Regional Black Chamber of Commerce, and GNO, Inc., among others.


To keep our city moving forward, elected officials must approach the issues that affect New Orleanians with a commitment to the fundamental tenets of effective government: accountability, transparency, and efficiency.  From criminal justice to infrastructure, economic development to blight, city leaders must be thoughtful, innovative, and well-informed to develop solutions to the problems affecting our quality of life.

Our Role

Since 2010, FNO has created issue-based platforms in connection with municipal elections to educate voters and engage candidates for elected office.  FNO seeks pledges of support from mayoral and City Council candidates on the platform issues and related action items.  The candidates’ pledges are widely published before the election.  Post-election, the pledges become mandates for action, effectively setting an agenda for the elected officials’ term of office.

FNO holds our city’s elected officials accountable by publishing detailed reports on their progress toward achieving the platform’s objectives.  Along the way, coalition members stand ready to help local leaders achieve the mandated action items.


Through these actions, FNO aims to increase the quality of life for New Orleanians.  To do this, the coalition sets high expectations for city performance in priority areas such as criminal justice, infrastructure, and city finances.  FNO reflects a broad spectrum of citizen interests but speaks with one voice to demand excellence from our local government and to continually move our city forward.


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